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Free Downloadable Items

+ RAMO 1-2000 Revenue Audit Manual - the Handbook on Audit Procedures and Techniques (Volume I) in the audit of tax returns. The Handbook is intended to provide revenue officers with minimum standard procedures and a uniform guideline for the proper examination and/or investigation of tax liabilities. This updated version was prepared in order to conform with the provisions of the Philippine Tax Reform Act of 1997.

+ 2015 Your Guide to Starting a Small Enterprise - This publication, Your Guide to Starting a Small Enterprise, looks at how a small enterprise evolves from a mere business idea until the enterprise is born. It is a step-by-step guidebook that walks the reader through a systematic way of putting up a small business. It is a light and easy to read and the language is simple. 

+ Philippine Government Internal Audit Manual - This Manual is being issued to assist Departments, Government-Owned and/or -Controlled Corporations, State Universities and Colleges, Local Government Units and other agencies of government in establishing, and thereafter strengthening, the internal audit function in their institutions.

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