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Building Your Business Skills Through A Business Simulation Game Called Sim Companies

Have you ever heard the business simulation game called Sim Companies? If you are a fan of business simulation games, I think you should be familiar with this game by now. But if not, let me share you some information about this game in the following few paragraphs.

I was bored during the pandemic last year, so I tried searching interesting games on the internet. And then, I came across with this amazing game that I had enjoyed playing even until now. Don't you know that my company value as of now is $20,714,779.00? And I'm now at Level 21. Amazing, right? Let me share to you this simple happiness of mine by way of telling you some information about this game.

Sim Companies is a game that can be played on a browser on PC or through an app on tabs and mobile phones. The best part of it, is that it is FREE. The game is a slow paced multiplayer economy simulation game. The goal of the game is to build your business from ground up and trade with others. You can start playing by creating an account and finishing the tutorials. You need to give your business a company name and soon you can either start building plantations and selling apples. At the start, you will have a few dollars on your account. There are achievement challenges inside the game where you can earn few capital to add to your business so it grows and prosper. 

There are many benefits of playing the game. People playing the game are gaining more knowledge about business, and improve their skills set in areas like business operations, leadership, teamwork,  and business development. Players can enjoy through active involvement and by learning the ropes of business through building infrastructure, trading and making profits off the market, employing people, costing and budgeting, negotiating prices, and other activities.

Players can develop business strategies by going into full production, retail, research, mining and many more. One of the incredibly realistic feature of the game is the live, ever-changing, free market in real-time. There are several players from all over the world producing and selling products to the market, through contract, or retail.

Maybe, you want a try. You need to explore it. Once you started playing, you will surely start loving it. You can play the game during your leisure time. It will really help you a lot in improving your business skills.

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