Why Stock Market Is A Good Investment?

As a four year trader I have learned lots about stock market that you can really relate to life. It is not all by making money, after all money is just a secondary goal. The real purpose is to personally develop yourself and mold you to becoming a better person. Many are afraid to enter the market because of the involved risk but did you know that life is also a matter of risk. Ever since we were born there are risk involved from our mothers' successful childbirth. We will never know where life will take us and the only certain is change and death. In pursuing our dreams it also involves risk on whether we can reach it or not. In loving there are also a risk on whether we are loved back or not. So never be afraid of risks, embrace it, it is a part of our life.

Going back to investing or trading I said that you can compare it on real life. The development of one's morality. How did I say so? Investing and trading are all about learning. The longer we are in the market the more we learn. This is an unending path to learning. Like technology and education they become obsolete as well. The system or knowledge you are using today may not be applicable in the future that's why we need to be more adaptable, flexible and always humble. Another thing that investing and trading helps us to develop is discipline. We need to have the patience on when to enter and when to exit the market. We need to know that Rome is not created in one day and wealth is not also built in one day. We need to make a set of rules where we will buy, when will we trade, when will we just check our port and when we will not trade. Where we will not be impulsive and not use all our money just so we can say that we are inside the market. We need to build our system. One that define on what type of personality you have. One that is simple for you to follow.

In life especially on sports we all know that there are losers and winners. So what do you do if you lose? Ever since we were young we were taught about sportsmanship. Be happy of your loss accept it be a good sport. Trading and investing is just like a game. You win some you lose some. If you lose analyze what you have done wrong, what you can do to improve it. Clear your mind. Don't trade for a while or don't look at your port for awhile. Develop your system again and once you understand what went wrong and got improvements come back and fight once more. Fight with a better and improved you! Don't let anyone distract you! Tell yourself that you can do it once more. And you can win the game and become a champion!

Another thing that we can relate this in life is building connections. Connect with people with the same interest with you. Someone who you can share ideas with. Someone who you can tell all your experiences with. You can talk about a system, stocks, life, businesses, somewhere where you can grow and expand your knowledge about the market. After all everyone has their stories to share. If you don't agree their ideas then just listen and respect them. Also don't rely on them on picking your stocks. You should also study the stock. If you like it then buy it using your own system of buying. Don't buy it right away.

Last but not the least, You need to have conviction on your chosen stocks. You only need to choose the best ones. Something you think is the one that will make you happy, the one that you really trust of, the one that you know will make you have a good sleep at night.


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