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Mutual Funds On COL, A Great News For The Filipino Investor

There's a great news for the Filipino investors who are interested in mutual funds. COL Financial Group Inc (formerly CitisecOnline) will launch the country's first fund supermarket in the next few months. The fund supermarket will showcase 25 mutual funds, accounting for about 98 percent of the available funds in the market. COL's fund supermarket will distribute funds from major local mutual fund houses such as Philam Asset Management Inc, First Metro Asset Management Inc, Sun Life Financial, and PhilEquity Management Inc.

The good news is that COL close to finalize with the fund houses to remove front-end fees as compared to going straight to the fund houses where you will be charged with the front-end fees making it cheaper for the brokerage's clients to access the funds.

The upcoming online mutual fund platform on COL will soon allow its clients to access these professionally managed mutual funds in the next few months.

It would be an exciting experience for such aspiring long-term investors like me out there. For the information of everybody, COL Financial is currently the eighth largest stock broker accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange. In 2013 it was in the ninth place.

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